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Forgot Password is Business Directory Website that provide a free website for all business. Within 5 minutes, you can have the website advertising your business sale or service to your potential clients.

Fantanstic features

Web Response

Enjoy a responsive web design & mobile friendly website


Web Editor

Using web editor to create and edit your web content like Microsoft words; easy insert images and videos into your content...

Contact Form

Allow your users to communicate with you throu the contact form and make your website more interacting...


Simple upload your pictures to your website, all pictures will be display on the picture galleries.

Mapping & Reviews

It is important to have a map showing to your customers, Google Map with "Reviews" will be created for your business location.

Web designs

With more than 500 web headers for many categories and 22 selected web color themes, it can generate over 12,000 unique websites and can be changeable.

SEO Search Engines

Keywords and web description will be placed in the meta tags so search engines will know your business website.

Social Networking

Create more interact with other people by connecting to all your social pages to share more of your business information.

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